Project: Iglu Flagstaff

Client : Everett Worthington

Type: New Build

Keys: 372

Program: 2 months

Location: West Melbourne

Date: 2023

Scope of Work:

  1. Warehousing and delivery of 1520m3 of Internal room Furniture
    and Bed Joinery.
  2. Installation of Bed Joinery, Mirrors, Pinboards and
    appliance hooks.
  3. Construction of Bed Frame, Dining Table & Chair and Desk.
  4. Delivery, unwrap and place of OSE Items.
  5. On-site Defect Rectification works


  1. Builders program allowed for 3 x scar rooms
    per floor and couldn’t meet agreed hand over
    dates due to external issues.


Working with the builders site team, we were able to
organise secure on-site storage for goods on each
floor and install at later date once works were completed.