Project: Iglu Melbourne Central

Client : Everett Worthington

Type: New Build

Keys: 374 + Study Rooms

Program: 2 months

Location: Melbourne CBD

Date: 2023

Scope of Work:

  1. Warehousing and delivery of 1400m3 of Internal room Furniture
    and Bed Joinery
  2. Installation of Bed Joinery, Mirrors, Pinboards and
    appliance hooks.
  3. Construction of Bed Frame, Dining Table & Chair and Desk
  4. Delivery, unwrap and place of OSE Items.
  5. On-site Defect Rectification works


  1. The Builder’s program was designed to f inish
    half of the floor on the way up, and the second
    half on the way down.


Working with the builders site team and
concerned trades, we adjusted delivery
program to accommodate conditions.